Activity Manager (Classic v1.348-1.398)

Propertybase takes managing and organizing your daily activities to a new level with the Activity Manager. Working with multiple clients on the fly is tough enough and with this tool we have made dealing with tasks in Propertybase more coherent. This feature will allow you to manage your contacts with various related objects all within one page. Let´s take a dive and find out how to use it. 

First of all, let's familiarize ourselves with main screen upon opening the tab:

There are 4 major sections that form the Activity Manager:

A. Task Menu - All tasks found in Propertybase will be able to be found here
B. Title Bar - Provide the name of the selected task for easy identification
C. Contacts & Details - Displays all contacts involved in the selected task
D. References - Displays the related records associated to this task

Next we can break down each section to get a better understanding of their functionality.

A. Task Menu

Productivity and effectiveness are the name of the game to close deals and this task menu will allow you to quickly find the tasks that needs to be completed in the moment.


  1. Add new task - This will create a new task in the Activity Manager. This will enable you to add all related contacts and custom objects
  2. Search bar - Search for any task in the system 
  3. Filter by Status - Narrows results in the Task menu, based on the status of the Task
  4. Task - Displays a brief overview of the tasks. Includes the title, the due date and whether the task has been completed or not.
  5. Task Status - Shows whether the task is open or completed. Completed tasks are marked green and the title is crossed out. If the task is overdue a yellow box will appear and display the amount of days it has been expired.

B. Title Bar

  1. Title - Displays the title of the task, creator and creation date/time
  2. Edit - Takes you to edit mode to modify any task details
  3. Mark as Done - Completes the task
  4. Create Follow-Up - Generates a in page pop up to create a new activity associated with the current task.

C. Contacts & Details


  1. Contact List - Lists all the contacts that associated to the task. By clicking the "+" sign additional contacts can be easily added. Simply type in the name of the contact for searching.
  2. Contact Detail - Displays the basic information about the contact including company name, phone, mobile and email. By clicking the green "Open" button the contact record will open in a new tab.
  3. Activity Detail - Displays the specific task for the select user for the contact list. Include the task description, type, due date and priority. By clicking the green "Edit" button you can add details or mark the activity as done. Once the activity is completed it will cross out the title and become green. The contact name in the contact list will also be crossed out and green.
    1. Edit - Takes you to edit mode to modify any task detail.
    2. Create Follow-Up - Generates a in page pop up to create a new activity associated with the current task.

D. References

This section includes all related records that are associated to the activity. An activity can be related to any object (Listings, Properties, Offers, Closings, Companies).By clicking the "+" sign additional records can be easily added. The green magnifying glass icon will open the record in a new tab. Simply type in the name of the record to add.

Add new Activity and Follow-Ups

The blue "Add new task" and the "Create Follow-Up" will generate a in page pop up that allows you to add all the details for a new task or event. 

  1. Activity Type - A task or event can be created. A task is a to-do that you can mark off once completed, while an event is a planned occurrence that has a defined time range (ex. showings or meetings).
  2. Type selection - Determine the type of activity being created. Values vary between a task or an event.
    Task: Call, Email/Letter, Other
    Event: Call, Meeting, Showing, Other
  3. Priority - Determine level of importance:  Low, Medium, High
  4. Subject - Will be the title of the activity and is a brief description for easy identification
  5. Description - Add more in depth details about the activity here.
  6. Due Date - Date when the activity is to be completed.
  7. Cancel - Cancel this action
  8. Create - Create the activity


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