Information about Critical Updates from Salesforce

As of Sep 14th 2017

Please do not activate 

"Remove Deprecated Limits Method" until we inform you.



"ACTION REQUIRED: Update Web-to-Case, Web-to-Lead, and endpoints by November 17, 2017"

Propertybase has its own webservices so our clients are not affected by this alert.


"Require TLS 1.1 or higher for HTTPS connections​"

1. you need to update the APEX Data loader to the newest version, if you want to perform imports/exports with it.
2. You 
need to make sure your web to prospect forms have SSL certificates installed and that your webserver is running the latest version of SSL.

3. Microsoft email integrations – Integrations such as Salesforce for Outlook, Exchange Sync and Salesforce App for Outlook won’t work if users don’t meet compatibility requirements. 

Please have your IT admin have a look here, if you are not sure about your e.g. your browser versions:


"ACTION REQUIRED: Default Certificate will Retire on August 7, 2017"

If you have received this email, you'll only have to take care about this email, if your IT Admin has enabled e.g. a Single-Sign-On. If you are not sure, please hand it over to the person who set up your Propertybase ORG.

If you just want not to receive those alerts anymore, you can do the following:

Go to Setup -> search for "Single Sign-On Settings".

If you can only see this one line "pbase SAML SSO Setting", feel free to delete it as explained here:

If you see more lines, feel free to grant access to us and submit a request and we'll double check for you.

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