Additional Training and Learning Material

We recommend to watch the following training materials for all users working with Propertybase:

Online Salesforce User training

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals - general introduction how to use Propertybase and reporting
  • Sales Representative fundamentals (Leads and Opportunities are covered in the Tutorial, but are not part of basic Propertybase licenses)

For anybody who wants to extend the basic configuration of Propertybase and setup your own org (usually administrators and IT staff), the following courses are highly recommended:

Online Salesforce Admin training -> Admin Fundamentals: Setup (very important!) / Customize / Dashboard Mechanics / Advanced Importing - best practices on importing your data

Recommended books

  • fundamentals
  • Salesforce Handbook
  • For Dummies by Tom Wong and Liz Kao
  • Secrets of Success: Best Practices for Growth and Profitability by David Taber


Content related help

On each tab in Propertybase, you always have direct access to the related help section:


Search the online help

If you need any general information concerning built-in features - e.g. Accounts, Reports, Configurating the system - please visit the Help & Training section.


You can then enter a search phrase and the system will come up with related trainings, help sections and solutions:


Send a support email

If you cannot find a solution to your problem, feel free to send an email to Remember to include a short explanation of what trouble you are experiencing, so we can answer your query accurately.

Depending on your support model, you will usually receive an answer within 1-3 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in Germany, ~9am-5pm CET).

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