Sending Multiple Listing Expose from Propertybase

Sending an Expose from Propertybase to an interested client is a simple process and a great way to keep you clients up to date with the latest listings on the market. The first step is to click into the Listing Browser tab. Here you will be able to see all of the listings within the system. You can use the filter fields on the right to narrow down the listings to a specific set that your client is interested in.

Once you have found the listing that might interest the client, click on the select button for the listings you wish to send. Then jump into the Selected Items tab to view the listings that you have selected, to confirm.

Next, click on the Action drop down button and click on Email Listings.

Select the contact you wish to send these recommendations to and add a personal message that will make these listings even more attractive. If for some reason the image of your listing doesn't appear make sure that you add your image to the Expose pool in the Media Manger. Learn how to do this reading: Adding Images to PDF, Website or Portal Feed.

Click on next and you will come to a new page with a preview of your mail. Finally, click on send and your client will receive a detailed email of the listings that fit their expectations!


*If you add a URL to the field "Website" on the listing object, the title of that listing in the email will be a link that  re-directs to that site.

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