How to Add your Company Logo on your PDF Listing Document

From within the Listing Browser, you can print out a document that summarizes your listings. You can use this document as a flyer, or to send to a prospective buyer or tenant. We also call it the Listing PDF Expose. It's easy to customize the look of this document with your company's logo. This process must be done by your system administrator. This logo is stored in the Documents tab. You can find the Documents tab from your homescreen.

From the documents screen click on the new button



On the next screen you need to specify the file name and the folder to upload it. Please use the exact filename below

File Name:  CompanyPdfLogo

Folder Name: Propertybase

Document Types: You can upload PNG, GIF or JPEG Images



Remember to click on save after you upload your image and you are done!

Now your file is ready for use through out Propertybase, e.g. in PDF and Email Templates.

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