Touch for Propertybase (legacy)


Introduction and Setup

Salesforce Touch is a new and improved version of the Salesforce platform that is now available with Propertybase. It is specifically designed to work with touch screen devices (smart phones and tablets). With this new technollogy your customizations, recently viewed items and records will be seamlessly available on the road at the touch of your finger.

The newest version came out in the Spring '13 Release of Salesforce and is now supported on the iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 with an iOS version of 5.1.1 or higher. With Touch, all Propertybase objects will be available for use, so keeping track of on going deals can be done from anywhere.

There is a quick set up process for Touch before being able to use it on your mobile device. This configuration must be done from your computer (desktop or laptop) as a PB Administrator in the Setup menu of Propertybase on a normal browser. You will need to go to Setup/ Mobile Administration/ Salesforce Touch/Settings. Proceed to mark all checkboxes under the Mobile Browser App section and Visual Force Settings.

sf touch

Now Touch is available for your entire organization. Individual users will need to activate their own Touch by going into Setup/ My Personal Information/ Personal Information, then marking the checkbox titled "Touch User".

sf touch 3

Now login to your Propertybase Org as you normally would on our mobile device from the default Safari browser and you will be introduced to the new Touch version.

*If you are using an iPhone, the app will need to be downloaded in the AppStore. Simply search 'Salesforce Touch' and download it... it's free!

For more detailed information on this feature check out Salesforce Touch FAQ

 Touch for Propertybase - At a glance

The new interface of Touch is built to facilitate the user experience, by creating a seamless workflow using powerful navigation and hierarchal menus, designed specifically for the touch screen experience. Touch integrates with Chatter, which is the landing page when you first login. The main layout (in landscape) consists of:


  1. Detail view - Displays the record of interest with all information that is found within Propertybase
  2. Navigation Icon - Icon that provides 3 different panes that can be accessed through this section. The Recently Viewed Items pane, the Tab Pane and the Settings and App pane.
  3. Navigation View - Displays the Recently Viewed items on the tab you are presently in.
  4. Tabs Pane - Through the Navigation Icon the tabs pane is available. Here you can select any of the tabs you would find in Propertybase normally
  5. Tool bar - Provides access to creating tasks and records
  6. Magnifying Glass - Selecting the magnifying glass icon allows you to search any record in Propertybase

With Salesforce Touch you are able to create and edit your records, tasks and events, just as in any normal browser. One great feature is that, when viewing related items for a record, only related lists that contain records appear. This provides a more direct view of what is connected to that record. Tracking tasks is made easy by simply tapping your way to the Tasks tab. Dashboards are also available, so you can keep an overview of all your current reporting and have a clear view of your organization's data.

Using Touch with Propertybase

Home Screen: Chatter

Upon logging into Propertybase, with Touch activated, you will be brought to your Chatter feed. Here, you will be able to track all your colleagues posts, your day-to-day tasks, showings and the deals that interest you most.


  1. Your feed, groups and people you follow are easily accesible on navigation menu.
  2. Using the + icon you can quickly add new records to the objects that are most important to you
  3. Searching any record has been made easy by simply clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Use wildcards such as the asterisk (*) and question mark (?) to improve your search results.
  4. Use the Navigation Icon to access all other tabs that you work with in Propertybase

Creating Records

Creating a record is quick and easy in Touch. When adding a new record a popup appears with a straight forward user interface that will allow you to add the related data. Use the iPad/iPhone keyboard to insert the data (image in Portrait orientation). All permission sets apply in Touch, so your Profile will need to have minimum of "Read" permission to view the objects and "Create" to add new records.


To view records that are not supported by Touch yet simply use the Actions button and select View in Full Site. This will open a new tab and provide you with the record in the full version. When finished with the record and you want to return to the Touch version, scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find the link "Go To Touch", which will bring you back.

Viewing Dashboards

Accessing summarized data on the go is a must, and Touch has provided the ability to view dashboards.


  1. Use the search bar to easily access your most important dashboards
  2. The information icon provides current data about the dashboard, such as Last Refresh Date, Running User, the folder it is stored in and the description of the dashboard
  3. View the most recent data by clicking the Refresh Icon

Touch Settings

To access the Settings in Touch simply tap on the Navigation Icon and then on the Cloud Icon. Within this pane you will be able to select the different apps available to you and access the Settings for Touch.


  1.  The Cloud Icon will bring you to the Apps/Settings pane
  2. All available apps determined by your Profile are available for selection
  3. Within the Settings you have the ability to turn Touch off and go back into the full version of Propertybase. Upon turning Touch off you will view Propertybase as you normally do in your desktop.
  4. Tap on the Logout option to logout of Propertybase completely

Examples from the iPhone Touch App:

PBTouchiPhone1  PBTouchiPhone2  PBTouchiPhone3

Current Limitations

  • List views are currently not available in this version of  Touch
  • The recently viewed records are limited to 100 items, if a particular record is not found the search functionality will need to be used. The recently viewed list contains up to 4 fields at the moment.
  • Events currently can not be created from within Touch.
  • The Listing Browser is not yet available.
  • Reporting must be done in Full Version.
  • NOT available Offline.




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