How to Send Mass Emails (Classic)


What are mass emails?

Mass emails allow you to communicate with your Contacts in Propertybase.  You can easily create lists of contacts based on any criteria on their record in Propertybase.


Why are mass emails important?

Mass emails are a key feature in Propertybase. You can send emails to up to 500 contacts at one time up to a total of 1000 emails a day. This limit does not count individual emails to contacts/accounts as there is no limit. Please find more information about the limits for mass emails here.


How to send mass emails:

*System Permissions needed: Mass Email

Sending multiple emails to a group of contacts by the mass can be an important part of an agent's job on a daily basis. Propertybase base provides the functionality to do this seamlessly from within the Contacts tab.

To send mass emails go to the Contacts tab and scroll down to the tools section. Select the option for "Send Mass Email to Contacts". The first step here is to create a view of the contacts that you would like to send the email to.  Click on the "Create New View" link and add your criteria. If you need more assistance, please see How to Create a View. Once you have select your view you can then select the contacts that you would like to send the email to by marking the checkbox next to the contacts name.

The next step is to select the email template you will be using. If an email hasn't been created yet, you can find out how to create Text templates or templates in HTML.

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