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Getting Salesforce for Outlook to sync your contacts can be a confusing task if any detail is over seen. To help you set this configuration up we have provided a couple of tips a tricks to help you through the process. The first part of the article goes through the configuration setup and the second part discuss causes as to why your records may not be syncing.

Here are a couple of steps with images to set up your Outlook Configuration: The first step in the process is to setup your configuration. Go to Setup/ Desktop Integration/ Outlook Configurations. Create a new Outlook Configuration.

Make sure your configuration is Active and you add the correct users:

Add the DATA SETTINGS, with out this your Contacts, Events nor Tasks will sync:

When adding Contacts to the configuration, make sure you add specific filters you just want a selected group of contacts to be synced.

Make sure you are actually following a contact with Chatter if you want to sync these:

Adding a user and click on Get Record Count will enable you to see how many records will actually be synced.

Finally Download and Install the Salesforce for Outlook Plugin. This can be found at Setup/ Desktop Integration/ Salesforce for Outlook. You can find a video there on how to install correctly.

Records still not syncing...

Once you have created you configuration and installed the Salesforce for Outlook plugin, but still seem to have issues syncing your records. Perhaps one of these tips can help you out:

Events not syncing - Locale and Time Zone must be identical for both Outlook and Propertybase. Different time zones will prevent Events from syncing.

Contacts not syncing - Check your Outlook Configuration setup again. There may be a message:

Contacts not syncing - If you were on an older version of Outlook and then updated to the newer version your PST files from Outlook may need to be updated:

The Personal Folders (.pst) probably maintain the settings from the older Outlook, which in turn won't meet the minimum system requirements for this feature. Complete the following steps:

  1. Convert the .pst files from the MS Outlook 97-2002 format to a "Unicode-Capable"Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File
  2. Move the contents from the Inbox, Calendar and Tasks to the newly created folders (just drag & drop files to the new folders which appear in the folder drop down on the left pane)
  3. Make the new folders the "Default" ones
  4. Change the sync configuration settings in salesforce to sync with the new folders. Right click on the salesforce sync icon in your toolbar: Click "Settings" /  Change folder
  5. Sync with outlook
  6. Finally delete the old folders.

The following link provides steps from Microsoft on how to complete this task:

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