Action Plans - Part 2 of 2: How to apply Action Plans

This is part 2 and explains how to apply a preconfigured Action Plan. 

Additional Information:

Action Plan Titles

Action Plan Titles are text fields and are available for editing. The reason why this is the way it is, is so that you can identify them easily in list views or reports. Upon creating an Action plan record a "-" is added to the name of the Action plan is so that you can add additional details to the title. 

For example, you have the Action Plan Template named "Follow up plan".

When you add this template to a record, lets say a contact or account, the additional "-" is added so you can add the name of the contact or any details to identify it easier.
Follow up plan - ContactA
Follow up plan - ContactB
Follow up plan - ContactC

This way when you create a report or list view on active Action plans you can immediately identify who or to what that action plan is used for. If not you will have the following:
Follow up plan -
Follow up plan -
Follow up plan -

Which in turn will tell you basically nothing and you will need to click into each Action plan individually.

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