All about Showings

Showings are considered a type of Activity in Propertybase. The relationship between the Listing and Showings is one to many, meaning that a Listing can have many Showings added to it. This in turn, does not work the other way around. There are various places in Propertybase where a showing can be added. The first is found on the Home page. Using the quick link you can easily create a showing and relate it to the Listing and Contacts associated with it.

You can add a Showing directly from a Listing. Once in the Listing record you can scroll down to the related list called Open Activities and click the button New Showing.

The great thing about Showings in Propertybase is that you are able to add various invitees and track their activity directly from their own record. Just add the contact name in the lookup field and click the Add to invitees link.

Scrolling down on this edit page you can see the invitees list and all of the contacts that have been invited. In addition to this you can see the schedule of each invitee and see if they are busy or out of the office. This will help avoid overlapping meetings.

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