Installing Action Plans

If you do not see the Action Plans object in your org, that means you have an older version of Propertybase and it must be installed. You must be the Administrator of your org to do the install.

The first step is to verify what version of Propertybase you have. In order for Action Plans to work you will have to have version 1.70 or higher. To find out what version of Propertybase you have check out: Identifying your Propertybase Version. If your version is older than 1.70 please contact so they can provide you the link for the latest version. Once you receive the installation link follow the Update Propertybase v3 to the latest version article to find out how to install.

Once you have the latest version of Propertybase you can now install Action Plans, heres how:

  1. Copy/past the following URL to your Propertybase address bar to start the installation process:
  2. Just as in the Update Propertybase v3 article make sure you set the correct security levels for each profile in step 2.
  3. Next you will need to update Action Plans Settings. To do this go to: Setup/ Develop/ Custom Settings. Click on Manage next to the Action Plan settings and make sure that the following options are selected: 
  4. Now you will need to update all the Page Layout and Search Layout Configurations for Accounts, Contacts, Listings, Offers and Closing. For Account you can ignore the SystemInternal page layout. When editing the Page Layout make sure you add the Create Action Plan Button and the Related List for the Action plan as well. After inserting the Related List select the wrench tool at the right corner to edit it. Make sure that the Start Date, Overall Task Status, Owner Alias and Completed date are added. Also ensure alter the Button settings. De-select the New button and add the corresponding object button to the list. 
  5. Next make sure that the Sharing Settings are set to Public Read/Write. This can be found going to: Setup/ Security Controls/ Sharing Settings
  6. Next all Propertybase profiles will need to be updated to have the correct tab and custom object settings. When setting up the Tab settings make sure that only the second action plans tab is set to Default On. All the others (About Action Plans, first Action Plans, Action Plan Templates) should be Tab Hidden:
  7. Make sure that the custom object permissions are all checked for each profile. Also scroll down to the bottom to check Enabled Apex Class Access and Enabled Visualforce Page Access. All Action Plan classes and pages should be visible.
  8. Finally you can add the Action Plan tab to your tab menu.
  9. You are now ready to start using your Action Plans With Action Plans – Part 1 of 2: Set up you can find out how to simply set up a Action Plan for your users!
  10. Please note - You may also Import Action Plans that have been created in a separate Org. First go to the action plan template and select the export button. This will generate an XML file. Login to the new Org and go to the + sign next to the main tabs. Locate the Import Template option. Upload your XML file and you now have a an imported template.
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