Drag and Drop Calendar for Contacts

Saving time is one of the main goals of a CRM system and with the drag and drop event scheduler it is quicker and easier to add events to contacts than ever before. This functionality can be found within the Contacts tab in any of the List Views and allows you to add new events to contacts without actually leaving that page. Simply click the link 'Open Calendar' at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

The calendar is set to open with the week view and has various options for easier managing.

  1. [Change] - If your permissions grant you access you are able to change between different users to view the availability of them.
  2. Day - Day - Shows to week you are on
  3. Arrows - Allow you to switch from week to week
  4. 'This Week' - Allows you to jump back to current week after browsing others
  5. 'Show Weekends' - Allows you to show weekends and have a 7 day week

Once the calendar has opened you will be able to simply select a contact from the list view and drag and drop it to the day/time of the event in your calendar. A pop up will appear for you to quick enter an event with the most basic information. If needed you can always jump into the normal event edit page.

For more information on activities check out: Manage your Tasks and Calendar

Administrator Setup of Drag and Drop Calendar

If the Drag and Drop Calendar isn't activated yet in your org the Administrator will need to go to: Setup/ Customize/ User Interface. Then under the section 'Calendar' mark the checkboxes:

  1. Enable Drag-and-Drop Editing on Calendar Views
  2. Enable Click-and-Create Events on Calendar Views
  3. Enable Drag-and-Drop Scheduling on List Views

Finally click 'Save' and the feature will be activated.

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