Send Recommendation Emails

Staying in touch with your contacts and providing them with the most relevant information is key to managing a successful business. With Propertybase users are able to send their contacts emails with listing details they think would be interesting for them. Within Propertybase these are called Recommendation Emails.

A Recommendation Email is a customized email template that can be sent from the Listing Browser. It has been configured to add multiple listings selected from with the Listing Browser to the template, which can then be sent to a contact found in system. The select listings are then related to the contact through a request record and added as favorites. This relationship is completed to make a direct connection between the contacts purchasing criteria and properties falling in to that category, providing a 360 degree view of what the client is interested in.

If a contact has provided you with details of the type of property they are looking for you can create a Request record and the use the "Find matching listings" button to match that criteria to existing listings using the Listing Browser. Once you have found the listings the contact is interested in simply click the Select button and each of them. Then go to the "Selected items tab" and from the Actions drop down select Email Listings. This will direct you to the Email Recommendation Wizard.

If you would like to send just one listing it is possible to click the Email button on the listing detail page of the Listing Browser.


Within the Recommendation Wizard the user will need to associate a contact record to the email. This will relate the email to the contact Activity History on their detail record. Then you can personalize your message specifically for that contact and finally attach any document or video to the email that is found with the listing record. The attachments can be linked/uploaded to the Media Manager or can be uploaded to the Notes & Attachments related list at the bottom of the listing page.

When the email is read for sending, simply click "Send to contact" and the email will be sent off.

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