The Listing Browser (Classic v1.174 below)

The Listing Browser is the place to search and find any specific listing found within your entire inventory in Propertybase. It contains the most relevant up-to-date information from the listings and the best part is, it is customizable. This way you are able to search, filter and sort through the details you need for each property. In addition to searching, various actions are possible to do through this page. The following numbered image will go through all the different components of the Listing Browser followed by a description of each.

  1. Filter Section - In this section users are able to drill down to specific listings by entering the data they need, for example title, price, bedrooms, bathrooms or type. It is possible to filter by ranges to find a wider range of listings. By clicking the My Listings checkbox the users listings will be filtered and displayed. After entering the data needed the Search button will need to be selected. These fields are mapped with those of the Request object, so after creating a request and clicking the "Find Matching Listing Buttons", the fields will auto-populate here.
  2. Sort By - This drop down provides multiple ways of sorting your listings. The following are the available options to sort by:

    This section is not customizable
  3. Result Section - Upon searching for listings the middle section of the Listing Browser will return all results that comply with the criteria. Within this section the user will see a specific set of fields that will give them a better picture of what each listing has to offer. Upon clicking a listing in this section the detailed view will appear on the right hand side including the description and further images. The main image of your listing is a modifiable in the listing record in the Media Manager.
  4. Select Button - Using this button the users are able to select multiple listings and execute different actions with them. After clicking the button you will notice that the number of selected items increase which each listing that is chosen. Once finished choosing the listings you will need to click on the "Selected Items Tab".
  5. Selected Items Tab - Within this tab the user has the ability of selecting two options:
    Email Listings - Send selected listings as recommendations to an interested client. The Recommendation Wizard is a great customized template that displays the information shown from the results plus a personal message.
    Track Recommendation - To track recommendations means to associate the select listings to a client and a request record. This way the listings are related to the request as favorites, allowing the users to track the listings that fit the clients criteria and would potentially acquire.
  6. Detail View - The right panel displays the detailed view of the listing that has been last clicked on. It provide the most information out of the three panes and has 4 extra buttons where actions can be done. In Addition it provides the description of the property and all of the images that have been attached to that listing record.
  7. Open Button - Click this button will open the listing record in a new tab.
  8. Email Button - Will take to the Email Recommendation Wizard page so that you can email the listing to a specific contact. It can also be associated with a request.
  9. Print Button - Generates a PDF document of the listing, so that it can be printed and given to a contact.
  10. More Options - Provides the user with 4 additional options for that particular listing detail:Add to client favorites - Relates the listing to a request and stores it as a favorite record. This is great for tracking the listings contacts are interested in. The favorite will be found on both the related list of the Request or the Contact.
    New Showing - Allows the user to create a new activity in relation to a showing of this property to a contact. This activity will be an event related to the assignee, contact, listing and the user can add a start and end time to see it in their calendar.
    New Offer - This option creates a new offer record to close the deal between that specific listing and the interested client.
    Showings Report - This feature allows you to send a showings report to the owner of the listing so that they can see the all the showings that have been completed on their property and get feedback from each potential buyer.

The fields found in the Filter, Results and Detail panes are all customizable. To find out more on how to accomplish this see Customizing Listing Browser.

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