Contact Duplicate Finder (Classic)

The Find Duplicate button on the contact record is a great way to find duplicate contacts within your Propertybase Org. When you know of a contact that has a duplicate record simply click on the button.

Select the duplicate contact and make merge all the information to one account. All related objects will be added to this newly merged contact.

This functionality uses a setting called "contactDuplicateFinder_overviewFields" (displayed columns in result) and "contactDuplicateFinder_compareFields" (fields which contacts will be tested for dups). This setting holds fields used to search the values of those fields in all other contacts and compare to the current contact. Usually, when such error occurs, it means that in the setting, a field is specified that doesn't exist or can not be visible. In this case, if we look at the setting:

Find Duplicate Setting
To add/remove columns to show in the result, use this KEY: contactDuplicateFinder_overviewFields
Value (example): MailingCity;MailingState;MailingPostalCode;Owner.Alias
To define the fields checked for duplicate content use this KEY: contactDuplicateFinder_compareFields
Value (example): MobilePhone;Phone;Email

It can be seen that Owner.Alias is set to be searched also. However, fields in the Owner object are not accessible and that is the reason for the error message. So, in order to fix the error, this field must be removed from the Setting.

In order to solve the business request, new custom lookup field of type User needs to be created in the Contact object and this field should have the same value as onwer field. This way, owner's fields will be visible over this new helper field and can be put into Setting.


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