Agent Home Screen


What is the home screen in Propertybase

The home screen is the first screen that you see when you login. You can see dashboards, approval tasks, upcoming activities and recently viewed records all from one screen.


Why is the home screen important?

Since the home screen is the first place you’ll see when you login, it’s important to understand how to best use it.


The home screen components:

The following is a description of the home page and it's components.


  1. Global Search - This search bar allows users to find any record in the system. Use * at the end of your search to add "Starts With" to the criteria.
  2. Tabs - Each tab will take you to the specific object where records for that object are located.
  3. Create New Drop-down - Provides a list of object where a record can be quickly added with out entering the actual tab.
  4. Recent Items - Displays that 10 most recent records viewed by that particular user
  5. Quick Links - Access your activities and the Propertybase Knowledgebase with a single click
  6. Messages and Alerts - Receive messages from your Propertybase Administrator here
  7. Recycle Bin - Any deleted item will be stored in this section for 15 days, after this time period the records will be permanently erased.
  8. Profile Link - Go directly to your profile page by clicking your name.
  9. Chatter Feed - Click show feed and view all the latest status changes from actions being done in your organization.
  10. Propertybase Quick Create Icons - Quickly and easily create records for the specific Propertybase objects

    These Icons are a managed part of Propertybase and not modifiable by default. The only tiles that are available at the moment are the ones displayed.

    This includes:
    Create new Contact
    Create new Request
    Track Activity
    Create Showing
    Plan Appointment
    Print or send Listing
    Create Listing.

    As these are all one component, there is only the ability to either display these or completely remove them from the home page.

  11. Dashboards - Graphical displays of reports that are generated in your org. Ask your administrator for more information.
  12. My Tasks - Display of your open/closed tasks based on the view selected at the right drop down
  13. Calendar - View up and coming events and showings here
  14. Salesforce Help and Training - This provides an in depth knowledgebase on everthing there is to know about the Salesforce side of Propertybase.



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