V2: Activating Webservices V2


You can activate the webservices yourself, if you are familiar with the underlying Salesforce.com platform and the Sites feature. Therefore the following documentation is for power users, which like to activate the webservices themselves.

If you are not completely sure if you can do this on your own, please send a message to support@propertybase.com. Our support staff will take care of the activation and will give you any additional information needed to start developing your weblisting integration.

1. Activate Sites

If not already activated, you have to create a force.com Site as outlined here: http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/An_Introduction_to_Force.com_Sites#Creating_a_Force.com_Site

Force.com domain name: We recommend to try your company name first.
Site Label: Webservices
Site Name: Webservices
Active: checked
Active Site Home Page: UnderConstruction

No changes to any other setting here.

2. Assign Webservice Pages to your Site

Please assign


as outlined here: http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/An_Introduction_to_Force.com_Sites#Assigning_a_Visualforce_Page

3. Change the public access settings for the Guest user


Make sure, your Sites user has 

  • Create permission for Accounts Contacts
  • Read and ViewAll permissions for InventoryInventory Asset and leanParameters custom objects
  • Check the field level security for the guest user for Accounts, Contacts and Inventory. If you add new fields later, make sure, they are visible (Inventory,Account,Contact) and not read/only (Accounts, Contacts) to the guest user profile, as otherwise you cannot see the fields in the weblisting or write to them in the Web-2-Prospect.

You can find the profile for the Guest user here:

  • Go to Setup | App Setup | Sites
  • Click on the Site Label of your Webservices Site
  • Click on the 'Public Access Settings' button

4. Assign a propertybase license to your Sites user

Unfortunately this feature is hidden very deep in the backend, so you have to click a lot to finally assign a license:

  • Go to Setup | App Setup | Sites
  • Click on the Site Label of your Webservices Site
  • Click on the 'Public Access Settings' button
  • Click on the 'View Users' button
  • Click on the name of the Sites user
  • Scroll down to the "Managed Packages" section and click on "Assign licenses" to assign a Propertybase license to your Sites user

As a result you should have two force.com web address's similar to these:



Then depending on the webservice you would like to activate your final endpoint should look similar to the ones in the table:


        Webservice Page for web to

        Prospect or Weblistings:                

          Your final endpoint:                                                                 

   Web to Prospect

        pb__WebserviceWebToProspect            http://yourcompanyhere.force.com/pb__WebserviceWebToProspect       

   Web Listings

        pb__WebserviceWeblisting3           http://yourcompanyhere.force.com/pb__WebserviceWeblisting3
If you don't have enough licenses left, please contact sales@propertybase.com to get an additional license. Depending on your Propertybase edition and contract, this license might be charged.


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