Quick Start Guide

How to get up and running with Propertybase

Propertybase makes it easy to get your organization up and running, quickly. Here are the first and most important steps:

1. Set up your users

You can set up your users quickly and easily using Propertybase.


2.  Import Some  Data

Importing some data will help you see what you can do with Propertybase using live business data. A good starting point is to import some contacts, companies and listings

You can choose to try out the easy to use data import wizard, or the Apex Data Loader to get yourself started.

More about the data loader can be found here

You can find additional information about both tools here from Salesforce.com


3. Manage your Security Setting

Do you want to share all of your company data? Do you need to keep things a bit more private? Propertybase lets you easily define the level of sharing that you need.



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