Customize the Listing Browser (for PB-versions lower than 1.180)

The Listing Browser can be customized so that you can search different properties using the fields that are important to you. You can add, remove and rearrange the filter fields on the Listing Browser. There are 3 field sections to the Listing Browser: filter fields, result fields and detail fields.

In order to customize the fields, you will need to be the Administrator of your org. Navigate to the plus sign (+) at the end of the tab bar. On the next page scroll down and click on Settings. The following settings must be modified or added (in not already there) in the Settings object.

Customizing Filter fields:

  • Name of setting: listingBrowser_filterFields

Customizing Results fields:

  • Name of setting: listingBrowser_resultlistFields

Customizing Detail fields:

  • Name of setting: listingBrowser_detailFields

Take in to consideration the following guidelines when adding values to settings:

  • Values (must be separated by semicolon with no space between them): Name;pba__PropertyType__c;pba__City_pb__c;pba__Status__c
  • You must use the API field name
  • The field must already exist within Propertybase
  • Formula fields are not permitted

*** If you plan to add a Long Text field, we advise to better use a Rich Text field instead. This will ensure that the listing browser runs smoothly.

There is also the possibility of adding fixed filters so that whenever you are searching for listings that specific filter will always be added. The following settings will enable this functionality:

listingBrowser_fixedFilter_1 Field=Value

As an example:

listingBrowser_fixedFilter_1 Availability_Status__c=Available

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