How to Edit a Dashboard

What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is simply a visual representation of a report that you can place on a user or group of user’s home screen. Dashboards are a great way to share KPI’s and other vital information across users of Propertybase.

Why are dashboards important?

Sharing information across your teams is vital to ensure that all members are working towards the same goal. Dashboards are a quick and easy why to visually represent data to keep your team members focused.



Dashboards created by users with "Salesforce" license can not be viewed by users with the "Salesforce Platform" license. -> If all your users shall be able to access a dashboard create this dashboard the first time e.g. with a "PB Poweruser" with a Salesforce Platform licence. The opposite is no problem, so you can maintain the dashboard then with your "normal" Admin user.

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