Changing Field Labels

There may be times that the fields you see in Propertybase do not exactly fit the terminology your business follows and you wish you could change them. Well with Propertybase and the platform we make it easy! Make sure you are the PB Administrator and follow the next steps.

Custom Fields

Changing the field labels of custom fields is a quick and simple process. Simply go to the record where you see the field, and click on the Quick Menu on the right. Click "View Fields".

This will take you to the setup up page of the Object you are on. Then search for the field that you would like to change the label to and click "Edit" next to it. Here you will be able swap the Label. Don't worry about making any changes to the "Field Label", this will not affect the functionality of Propertybase. Just make sure that the "Field Name" remains the same. Finally click the Save button.


Managed Fields 

Managed Fields are those that have been created from base application of Propertybase and have their limitations when it comes to customizations, but the field label is able to be changed. Customizing Propertybase is an important part of our application and we understand that some of our packaged fields labels may not match with your business terms. These fields labels are available for change and easy to switch with just a few simple steps.

Once you have identified the Propertybase packaged field that you would like to change, navigate to: Setup/ Translation Workbench/ Override. Then from the filter criteria select the following:

  • Package = Propertybase v3
  • Language = English (or the language of choice)
  • Setup Component = Custom Fields
  • Object = Select the object of choice (in this example Listing)
  • Aspect = Field Label

A list will appear with all of the available custom fields labels that can be changed. Simply click in the column  Field Label Override next to the field label you would like to change. Write in your new label(s) and finally click Save. Your field labels will now be changed!


 Overriding Tab Labels

To change the names of your Tab in Propertybase go to: Setup / Customize / Tab Names and Labels / Rename Tabs and Labels

Next select the Language in which you would like to modify the name and search for the tab you would like to change and click 'Edit'

You will then be prompt to enter a new naming convention for the tab. Write in a singular and plural form, if the tab is from a custom object you will also be able to change the title of the record label. Finally click save and your Tabs will have new names!

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