Quickly create records from Chatter

Getting the information you need as quickly as possible is a big part of the real estate business. After a phone call with a potential client you may want to create that person's record in the system, or log that call with as few clicks as possible. Propertybase and the Force.com platform understands this necessity and has released "Actions for Chatter".

Actions are a great new way of creating records directly from your Chatter feed, which appears right when you open any record. This new feature not only allows you to create a new record, but also allows you to change the order of the way you see standard action buttons on the Chatter feed.

Another bonus to using actions is that the 'quick create' provides the Administrators the ability to add only necessary fields to the quick create pages, avoiding visual clutter. Actions respect your validation rules and required fields ensuring that data entry is always accurate. There are two main types of actions: 'Object Specific Actions' and 'Global Actions'. Object Specific Actions enables the user to create a record with a relationship to the object record. For example creating a contact with a company will associate that contact to that company's record . Global Actions are for creating records, where there is not necessarily a relationship between the objects. In the following section we will discuss the quick setup.

Setting up Actions

The first step to getting your Actions up and running is to enable them. If this hasn't yet been setup, ask your Administrator to do so. Go to: Setup > Chatter > Chatter Settings. Click 'Edit' and select 'Enable Actions in the Publisher'. Finally, click 'Save'.


Now Actions are ready for setup in your Org.

  • To create actions for Companies and Contacts go to: Setup > search Objects > Select object of choice > Buttons, Links, and Actions, and then click 'New Action'.
  • To create actions for Propertybase Objects (Requests, Listings, Offers, Closings, etc.) go to: Setup > Create > Object > Select object of choice >  Buttons, Links, and Actions, and then click 'New Action'.
  • To create global actions go to: Setup > Create > Global Actions, and click 'New Action'.

The next step is to fill out all of the relevant information for the Action


  1. Object Name: Object from which the Action will be created
  2. Action Type: Either create a new record or add a custom Visual Force page
  3. Target Object: The type of new record created will be for this object
  4. Record Type: Select appropriate record type
  5. Label: Name of your Action, to appear on the user interface
  6. Name: Unique name used by API
  7. Description: Add any relevant information about the Action

On the next page you will find the Action layout editor. Simply drag and drop the fields you wish to add to the action page. You are able to specify default values in fields, so that users can skip to the most relevant information.


After saving your new action you will need to go to the object page layout editor where the action will be displayed. In this example we head to the Contact page layout editor. Now that you have enabled actions and created your action page you will see in the page layout editor a new section of Actions and the Chatter feed area has appeared. The first time you enter this page you will need to override the global layout for the Chatter feed by clicking the link. Next head into the Action section and simply drag and drop your new action into the Chatter feed. Click 'Save" and you're ready to go!



For trouble shooting simply click the 'Help for this Page' link at the top right of the page layout builder in Propertybase.


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