Email Signature: HTML and Images

To include an image in your Propertybase email signature:

1. Load the logo image into the Documents tab. Make sure you mark the Externally Available checkbox.

2. Get the address (URL) of the image:

  • Go to the Documents tab.
  • Select the folder in which the image is located.
  • Click Go
  • Click on the name of the image file to open the detail window
  • Right click on the image and copy the link.

3. Enter the link to the image in the users email signature: Setup > Personal Setup > Email > My Email Settings

- Enter the path to the image in the Signature box enclosed in HTML tags as follows:

< img src= enter image address here >

< img src="" >

4. Save.

*ATTENTION - If the image does not show, type the coding into the box rather than copying/pasting as sometimes extra characters can get attached with the cut and paste process.

When sending an email from Salesforce, you need to make sure the emails are in HTML format.
On the web page to write an email (after buttons "send an email"), locate the section "Email Format". It's at the top of the page, on the right near the "To" field.
- If it says "HTML", you are ok.
- If it says "Text-Only", you need to click on "Switch to HTML".

If you send an email in "Text-Only" with the modified signature, the logo will not appear, and the signature will include as  instead of the logo.

As far as adding links to the images, try checking out this article:

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