All about Properties

What is the property object?

The property object allows you to maintain a continuous record of all properties which you have had as a listing previously. This object is primarily a background object, but  as with any Propertybase object you are able to customize it for your purposes. The property object contains details that are relevant to that property which will not change over time. The information which is stored there is by default fairly minimal. You can track vital details such as address, and size.

Why is the property object important?

The property object allows you to track listings of the same property over time. This object conveniently lists the listings that have been held in the past in a related list at the bottom of the property page. The property object also gives you the chance to re-list a property that you have listed in the past. This is a great tool to track the history of the property which you might have had multiple listings over time.


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