Activation: Developer Hierarchy

When you have a new trial, you will not be able to see any of this, i.e., the normal broker user will not even deal with the fields and or page layouts associated with the hierarchy.

Once you set it up as shown in the VIDEOS you will have the following attributes in the different page layouts/record types:

  1. 3 Page Layouts (Property(The Unit), Building, and Project). 3 Record types mapping directly to the corresponding page layout (Property, Building, and Project)
  2. On the Project Page Layout you will have related lists showing 1. Buildings in this Project, 2. Units in this Project, 3. Listings for this Project
  3. On the Building Page Layout you will have related lists showing 1. Units in this Building, 2. Listings in this Building. You will also have a lookup field to the "Parent Project" in this Layout.
  4. On the Property Page Layout you will have related lists showing 1. Listings for this Property. You will also have lookup fields to the "Project" and "Building" in this Layout.
  5. You will have added lookup fields in the listing record for "Project", "Building", and "Property".

Here are the video links to show you how to set up the hierarchy quickly.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Here is the step by step guide

Residential Developer Trial STEPS

1) Add Properties Tab (unhide)

  • Goto Setup | App Setup | Create | Apps
  • Edit the Propertybase Manager App
  • Add Properties Tab to the Selected Tabs
  • Tick “Overwrite Users Personal Custom App Customisations”
  • Click Save

2) Make Record Types Active

  • Click Properties Object …. Click Quick Menu …View Object (or go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Objects and select the Property object)
  • Scroll Down to record types
  • Click Edit-Project Record type
  • Check Active button, click Save
  • Click Edit-Building Record type
  • Check Active button, click Save

3) Add Project Field to Property Page Layout

  • Scroll to Page Layouts on the Properties object
  • Click Edit Property Layout
  • Find the Project and Buildings fields and drag to first section under Title
  • Click Save

4) Make Record Types Available to Users

  • Go to Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Profiles
  • Click PB Administrator link
  • Apps – Click Object Settings
  • Click Properties, click Edit
  • Assign Buildings and Project Record types and then click Save (Repeat for PB Superuser, PB Agent, etc.)

5) Add Project Field to Listing Page Layout

  • Click Listing Object … Click Quick Menue  … Click View Objects (or go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Objects and select the Listing object)
  • Scroll to Page Layouts
  • Click Edit – Sale Page Layout
  • Add Project field under Owner
  • Add Building under Project
  • Click Quick Save
  • Change Layout to Rent (Repeat above and then Click Save)


The Project Hierarchy is now active. To add sample data follow the steps below.

1) To Create a Project Record

  • Properties Object
  • Click New, Project, Continue
  • Create Title – Project 1, Save

2) To Create a Building Record

  • Click Properties Object, Click New
  • Choose Building, Continue
  • Title – Building 1
  • Click Save
  • Edit record and add Parent Project = Project 1

3) To Create a New Listing Record

  • Click Listing Object
  • Click New
  • Title – Unit Test Listing
  • Put in test address and city, Save
  • (Add the Building and Project to the Listing which will create the relationship to its equivalent Property, Click Save)
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