Google Maps Pins / Edit Location

Google Maps within Propertybase has just become a lot cooler! Now with our Moving Pin feature you can actually pin point the exact location of your listings, even if the address isn't picked up correctly. All that needs to be done, is to make sure you mark the Move Pin checkbox and then drag and drop the pin to your desired location. It's that simple!

1. Mark the Move Pin Checkbox

2. Move the pin where the listing location exactly is:

Now if the location is off you will need to edit the setting. 

  • Click on the + sign at the end of your Tab menu
  • Enter the Settings page
  • If googleMap_fieldsAddress setting is there click edit
  • If not Click New to create a new setting
  • The Name will be: googleMap_fieldsAddress
  • The Key will be: googleMap_fieldsAddress
  • The Values will need to be entered including the original values (Address and City). The values should be entered as the API name of the field and should be separated by a semicolon (;). For instance (you can simply copy/paste this)  pba__Address_pb__c;pba__City_pb__c;State__c;pba__PostalCode_pb__c;Country__c
  • Any other fields you would like to search in Google you will just add it here

The Latitude and Longitude fields only populate automatically once the pin on the Google Maps component is modified. All maps will use the new location setting moving forward, but if you have Pinned it to a different location it will not automatically change. You will need to delete the values in the Longitude and Latitude fields, then it will rest to the new search fields.



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