Deleting Listings & Properties

When you decide to delete a Listing record and it is the last Listing connected to a Property record our new Listing Deletion Wizard will appear. The wizard will prompt you to decide whether you would like to delete just that particular listing, or delete both the listing and the property that is connected with it.

This allows you to have control over whether the entire property will be erased from your database or if you just need to delete the Listing record and maintain the Property for future deals in your ORG.


If a listing was already published to a portal you can not delete it directly.

It will fail with an an error message like this: 

Reason for this: The assumption is, that nobody should be able to delete a listing which was already published to portals easily, as those most of the time need to be kept for documentation purposes.

As Admin you can click on the portal name where it´s published and delete the listing from the portal first. After this you´ll be able to delete the entire listing.

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