Listing PDF Brochures for Print and Email

***Note this PDF generator is only available for versions 1.244 and older. If you are on a newer version (ex. 1.343) click here***

The ability to print out the information found in a listing record is key for a real estate agent, broker or developer. Generating a pdf expose is a built in feature from Propertybase and easily generated with a click of a button.

In order to successfully create a PDF expose the following major points need to be completed:

  1. Make sure the following default fields are populated in your Listing record: Price or Rent, Size, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and  Description
  2. From the Company profile the following fields should be filled out: Street, City, State, Postal Code and Phone.
  3. Load your logo to the appropriate folder in the Documents Tab.
  4. Add images to your listing with the Media Manager and make sure that the Expose checkbox is marked for those images you wish to display in the expose

To generate a PDF expose of a single listing record simply go to the Listing Browser click on the listing you are interested so that it appears on the detail section on the right an click the blue "Print" button.

Upon click the button the PDF will be generated on an new tab. If all information is added correctly the PDF will likely generate like the following example:


Be aware that this is a basic template provided as a generic expose for on demand availability. Branding/Styling of the Listing PDF Expose is up to the organization. To customize this PDF knowledge in HTML, CSS and basic APEX (Java Script) is required. You can find the visual force page by going to: Setup/ Develop/ Pages -> ListingPdf


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