Create and Track Property Requests from a Contact or Client

What is the request object in Propertybase?

The request object allows you to easily link your leads or clients to available listings that match their criteria. The request object comes pre-configured with many common criteria which clients look for. Once you enter a request for a contact or company, you can press a button and be taken to a pre populated list of listings which match those criteria. From this screen you can easily send out emails containing the vital details of each listing to your potential client.

Why is the request object important?

The Request object represents a key piece of out of the box functionality that Propertybase has for the real estate market. This is the key to linking your customers to properties that they may want to buy or lease. The request object lets you associate multiple requests for specific properties to one client and empowers you to have several lines of active business open with one customer at a time. The object also allows you to track requirements over time to proactively identify customers who may be interested in future listings.

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