Change Contact Record Types between "Individual client" & "Company contacts"

At times a contact record may have been created with the wrong record type and it is required to be changed so that the correct page layout and business process can be applied to it.

This can be done simply clicking the "Change Record Type" button and following the steps on the next page. If for some reason you do not see the button on the page, you will need to have your administrator add the button to the page layout.


At times, you may need to add a contact that was originally a single person into a company to keep track of specific data. If a contact is not created from a Company record or associated to one upon creation it will be created as an "Individual Client". "Individual Client" is a record type that provides all the necessary fields and picklist values needed for that type of contact.

If you want to change such an existing "Individual Client" to a "Company contact" you need to add the field "Contact Record Type" and "SystemIsIndividual" on the page layout. To learn more about adding fields to page layouts visit our KB article: Create Fields and Place them on your Page. Keep in mind that you must be the Administrator to add/remove fields from the Page Layout. Once the field is added to your page, you can click "Change" next to the field value to convert it to a "Company contact"and uncheck the SystemIsIndividual checkbox.

These fields are hidden as almost of the Propertybase automatically takes care of it upon record creation, but it´s easy to change :-)!

After you will need to change the Company Name to look up to the Company you want to connect to, before you hit Save.



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