Update Center in Lightning

Propertybase now includes an Update Center for you to update your software at your convenience!


1. To access the Update Center, first log into Propertybase and then navigate to the address:


You will be logged into the Update Center automatically, and presented with a screen giving more details about the available update(s).


2. The Version Changelog displays the details of what features and fixes are included in each release of Propertybase.


3. The Update button begins the upgrade process. Please refer to the Installation Guide instructions before beginning your upgrade. You will need to map the profiles as described in the Installation Guide.




When the update has completed, you will receive a screen showing the status of the upgrade:





Choose "Done" to return to Propertybase. This will take you directly back to Setup > Installed Packages, where you can verify the version of Propertybase you are running. You will also receive an email verifying that you've completed the upgrade.





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