Create & Manage Companies (Lightning)

What are companies in Propertybase?

Companies are records of other businesses that you have a relationship with. These can be leads, customers or even partner companies. Companies have a one-to-many relationship with contacts. You can associate contacts to your company records, so you can understand the individuals and their roles in the company.

Why are companies important in Propertybase?

Companies are a part of the key functionality of Propertybase. Understanding the full relationship between our contacts, companies and the activities that are associated with them helps you understand your relationships to your companies.

Companies Tab

From your Home screen, choose the Companies tab to view your Companies. (If Companies is not one of the tabs displayed, you can add it by using Setup > App Manager to add it to your profile.)

The dropdown can be used to change the view of your company records, or the gear may be used to create a new view. Think of views as a subset of your data defined by certain characteristics (ex. "companies that are brokerages"). Some views are defined by the system or by your administrator, or you can create new ones on the fly.



From this view, you can take actions on existing Companies, such as searching, editing, or deleting. To access an existing Company, either click the company name or use the drop-down on the righthand side to expand the menu and choose Edit. 


Creating a Company

From the Companies tab, you have two options for creating a new Company. From the Company tab, expand the menu and select "New Company", or use the New button on the main page view.


Enter the details for your new Company, and save. 



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