Report Filters and Filter Logic

What reports can I access in Propertybase?

Using the reporting functionality built into Propertybase allows you to quickly measure all areas of your business. As Propertybase is running on the Platform, you have the advantage of Salesforce's reporting features and access to additional resources with a quick browser search. 

In addition to the standard reports available from the Reports tab, you are able to customize new reports about what your users consider to be the most important data to promote their success. 

Report Builder

The report builder allows you to efficiently edit and build new reports to keep up with your ever-changing business environment. 

The report builder screen lets you work with report fields and filters, and shows you a preview of your report with just some of the data.

  1. Fields Pane - Create, view, edit, and delete custom summary formulas and bucket fields in the Fields pane as well.
  2. Filters Pane - Set the view, time frame, and custom filters to limit the data shown in the report.
  3. Preview Pane - The dynamic preview makes it easy for you to customize your report. Add, reorder and remove columns, summary fields, formulas, groupings, and blocks. Change the report format and display options, or add a chart. 

NOTE: The Preview Pane only shows a limited number of results as a preview, to access all record you will need to Run the Report


Click here for more about Creating a Report with Propertybase.


Using Report Filters

Does your report give you more data than you need? Use filters to pare down your report until it only shows the data that you want. 

  • From the Report builder, open the Add dropdown menu and select a filter type:Field Filter to filter on fields. For example, use a field filter to filter by Account Name equals Acme.
  • Date filters allow you to apply dynamic date filtering on reports such as Last Week or Last Month.
  • To read your filtered report, click Run Report

Multiple reports filters can be added to a report however by default ALL filter criteria must be met for a record to be included in the report. This is indicated by the AND at the beginning of each filter.


Filter Logic

Filter logic allows you to change the default AND behavior, and gives you added flexiblity in report filters by including an OR option.

When you apply filter logic each filter is assigned a number.

If you’d like your report to return records that meet the criteria of either Filter 1 OR Filter 2, use this filter logic: 1 OR 2

More advanced filter logic can include a combination of AND / OR statements in the logic.

For example 1 AND ( 2 OR 3 ).

If using a combination of AND and OR statements you will need to bracket the grouped conditions. In the example above the filters 2 and 3 are grouped conditions so we have wrapped them in brackets. 

For help entering filter criteria, see Filter Operators Reference and Add Filter Logic.

Real Example of Filter Logic

Let’s say you have listings records with record types that are For Lease in an Agent's territory, and you want to report on listings upcoming for Lease End Date within the current quarter.

You might start with organizing the filters like this (before applying filter logic): 

By default the report searches for records that match ALL filter criteria. 

Since no single Street contains ALL of these variables, there will be no results to display in this instance so we need to apply advanced filter logic. 

The filter logic option can be found in the dropdown menu for Filters.  Click Add | Filter Logic.


 The filter logic for this example report will be 1 AND ( 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 ).

With the logic in place, you've created a report filtered on "For Lease" listings on specific streets with lease end dates upcoming this quarter. 

Visit Salesforce Trailhead for more details on using the Report Builder and Filters & Filter Logic.




Q1:  Why don't I see all records I expected to see? 

NOTE: The Preview Pane only shows a limited number of results as a preview, to access all record you will need to Run the Report


Q2:  The report won't allow me to save the report and tells me the filter logic is wrong. 

If there is an error, you can't save the statement until it is corrected. In the example below, we're missing an operator between filters 4 and 5.

Correct the error and click OK to the far right.      


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