Understanding Propertybase Objects - Properties , Listings & Offers

Propertybase Objects - Properties, Listings & Offers

In Propertybase in order to capture the full Sale / Lease history of a Property, we separate a single Property into 3 Objects/Tabs known as Properties, Listings & Offers in Propertybase.

The Master Property record holds the key Property data and the current Property Owner details. The Listing holds the Sale/ Lease information. Then when a Listing is Contracted/Leased, the Offer record tracks all of the Contract/Lease data including the Purchaser & Solicitor details and the key Contract Dates for Reporting and tracking pending Contracts.

To learn more about this Relationship and how it works, see the Video link below on the Master Property > Listing > Offer relationship.

Click here to view the Video Overview. And see the attached PDF for the ERD (entity relationship diagram).

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